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Donald B. Jones Award for Design and Planning 2005  
ABOVE: 2015 view of the completed project. Dorsey Reading relied upon White Dog Studio's design drawings
for the project. The Frenchtowner Travel Guide referred to the renovation as "remake of the former eyesore
of the Kirschner Building on Race Street".

BELOW LEFT: a 2005 photo of the project soon after completion. BELOW RIGHT: the 'original conditions'.


Source: Hunterdon County NJ

Kirschner Building, Frenchtown, NJ

Donald B. Jones was a determined preservationist who spent much of his time and resources saving the land and historic buildings that give our region its special character. D&R Greenway Land Trust established this annual award in 1995 to honor someone who has displayed selfless generosity in his or her commitment to conservation efforts.

                     Jones Award

Built as a single-family home in the early 1800s, the Kirschner Building on 33 Race Street in Frenchtown was converted into an appliance store in 1953. In 2003 Dorsey Reading purchased the property, modernizing the structure and the second annual Green restoring the façade to the style of the Borough’s mid-nineteenth century vernacular architecture. Through changes in window treatments, cladding and roofing materials, façade colors, and other architectural details, a single structure was made to appear as three differentiated buildings. Concrete sidewalks were reconstructed with inlaid brick and the front steps were rebuilt using large slab stones. The renovated structure figures prominently into the Borough’s streetscape, as it is one of the first buildings seen approaching the Borough from Route 12 or from Route 513 onto Race Street.

Source: Hunderdon County Web Site
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