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Dorsey started out building all of the prototypes for Paul Evans' contemporary furniture designs, where he learned mastery of all metal and wood materials.  He is now an acclaimed builder, master cabinet-maker, and creator of custom metal and wood components that achieve Michael's design vision. 

Dorsey won the prestigious "Donald B. Jones 15th annual planning and design award for Hunterdon County" for his renovation of a three building residential and commercial complex on Race St in Frenchtown, NJ in 2005, which White Dog Studios designed (shown below).

For more information about Dorsey, please visit his web site at: www.dorseyreading.com
Collaboration with White Dog Studios

Dorsey says of Michael: " I've worked with Michael for 25 years.  I go to Michael for every project that I do.  We've gotten to the point where we can complete each other's sentences.  If Michael can draw it, I can build it. I've never told him 'NO', and it always works out well." 

Dorsey's favorite WDS projects include the cantilevered wedge at the Clinton St. residence, and the custom renovations at Sarah Drive, which included the multi-angled 24' cabinet and wedge-based additions to the residence and poolhouse (designed by Michael and built by Dorsey).

Race Street Before Renovation

Race St Before

Race Street After Renovation

View Race Street Project