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Illia is an artist, muralist, and color consultant. She has chosen colors for hundreds of interior and exterior spaces, many of them with White Dog Studios. She draws on her experience as an artist and muralist to analyze and assess the color needs of her clients both corporate and private.


See more of Illia's work here: www.illiabarger.com

"Color can enhance or detract from the architectural design. The style and genre varies with each client, from traditional to modernist to eclectic. The color choices for interiors tend to act like a rhythm section, supporting the decorative elements in the room. Exteriors exhibit the face of the building and it’s relationship to the surrounding environment."

Collaboration with White Dog Studios

"I work with Michael primarily as a color consultant. We've worked together for over 10 years on dozens of projects. He lets me 'work my magic' on his already beautiful structures. I create color environments that enhance his architectural design, and because we have similar aesthetic sensibilities, we pull the best out of each other to reach the final design. Michael's clients appreciate the end result, without necessarily having to understand the nuances of contrast and color harmony."

Sarah Drive is Illia's favorite project. She created an original John Coltrane painting for the Great Room, and designed the color scheme to allow the traditional colonial and modernist architectural details to co-exist. 'The space was so elegant, I felt like I was creating a painting.'

View Sarah Drive

"The Race St project consisted of 3 connected buildings, each of which was unique and idiosyncratic, but they also had to work together as 'siblings'. We made it read as three vertical buildings in place of the horizontal 'white elephant' that was there previously. The colors varied as much as the architectural details for each, while still working together as a whole, and re-connecting with the quaintness and style of Frenchtown." 

View Race Street Town Center