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"I bought my home with the idea that I would restore the original 1796 stone house, and build additions that look like they had grown in stages over the last 200 years.  I knew the additions needed to use older materials in a unique design, and I sought out a designer that had done this before. 

A friend finally referred me to Michael Hagerty of White Dog Studios.

Michael was a real pleasure to work with right from the start. He listened carefully as I described my vision, and the needs and wants of my family. He 'got it' right away, and together we fleshed out some ideas.

Michael is aesthetically opinionated, in a positive way...but also open to new ideas.  His personality is great. He has excellent taste and sense of aesthetics.  He is also very intuitive, and easy to work with. 
I felt comfortable throughout.   


      The original farmhouse was the single
      structure at the far right...

He never imposed his own ideas over mine, which was very satisfying... enough so that I gave him more and more decision rights as the project progressed.

We went on numerous shopping expeditions to find the right interior pieces and custom materials, which was always fun and had the spirit of adventure.

It was actually disappointing to both of us when the project came to a close...but my family and I are absolutely thrilled with our new home...

We sometimes argued like a married couple, because we were both very picky about details.  This almost always turned into a compromise of the best of both approaches.  The net result is GREAT!

I highly recommend Michael to anyone who is seeking to create something special."

                                       - Carla K.