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"Michael Hagerty’s work is nothing short of inspirational.  We started working together many years ago with what was essentially a plain suburban tract home.  Over the course of many projects together, the house has been transformed in ways that cause even repairmen and UPS guys to say, “wow, this house is amazing.” 


We started off with the challenge of how to finish a basic suburban basement – we wanted to create space for an exercise room, for the kids to have as play space, a place to watch TV and listen to music, a wine cellar and for an additional office for my husband.  Michael came up with the idea of blowing out the tiny basement windows, putting in wooden flooring and separating the various spaces visually to accommodate all the different uses.  He went so far as to personally dye some dramatic red doors that serve to conceal storage space.  That basement is more beautiful and functional than some apartments I’ve lived in!

We contracted with Michael for a few other smaller projects, but the one that was transformational was a major renovation we commenced planning in late 2002.  This was a hugely ambitious project which transformed our boring suburban box into an amazing contemporary and stylish living space which still thrills us today. 

We overhauled practically the entire home, adding light, spaces and hardwood floors and creating additional bedrooms for guests and entertaining spaces for friends.  Michael didn’t stop with the house – we put in a pool, a pool house and a total landscaping makeover.  It’s elegant, it’s a little edgy, and it’s unique. K

I will never forget seeing him and one of the artists he had brought along to help us with paint colors literally sitting in our master bath, furious because you could see pipes made out of different metals under the sink in the master bathroom, which was not the plan. 

What I love about working with Michael during the design phase of projects is that he finds the right balance of listening to what we say we wanted and pushing us to recognize what we are really looking for.  He takes his time to flesh out concepts and ideas before making a recommendation. 
Michael brings a sense of creativity and passion to his projects, which makes them coherent, in that all the design elements work beautifully together and enhance one another.  He is absolutely driven in his desire to have every last detail reflect his vision.

He also isn’t afraid to express an opinion when he thinks something isn’t a good idea.  He is great about using visuals to help his clients see what the end result is likely to look like – for our major renovation, for instance, he must have made half a dozen models of the property. 

During the execution phase of our projects, Michael’s attention to detail, hands on involvement, use of unique materials, awareness of how spaces work, ability to work around constraints and willingness to take some risks are all exceptionally valuable.   He also does a wonderful job of orchestrating talented subcontractors and specialists.  His creative team is just amazing, and Michael makes sure they live up to his exceptionally high standards.

If the project you are contemplating involves a space that you just know could be more beautiful, more functional or more interesting than it is, I simply cannot recommend Michael highly enough."

                                       - Rita McGrath