About White Dog Studios

We have been in business for more than 35 years with offices in Stockton, New Jersey. We specialize in custom, one of a kind homes, apartments, custom interiors, and commercial projects in New Jersey, Manhattan, Eastern Pennsylvania, and New England.

As the principal designer of White Dog Studios, Michael Hagerty draws from an observed and studied understanding of scale, form, proportion, massing, texture, color, light, vernacular, and how all of those elements can be manipulated in space to create a distinctive design solution to projects ranging from traditional to contemporary.

White Dog Studios incorporates a thoughtful interpretation of the clients’ wants and needs, and a unique ability to challenge the client to see possibilities that they never believed existed.

We work in conjunction with an established network of experienced building professionals, including craftsmen, artisans, artists, builders, and suppliers to complete the project that was envisioned.

Why Choose White Dog Studios?

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Client Collaboration

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White Dog Studios Project Phases

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